Saturday, September 11, 2010

The story of Bad Horse

If you are a fan of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog then you now all about Bad Horse, the head of the ELE (Evil League of Evil), and probably no matter how bad or horrible you are you still do your best to steer clear of him. He is a horse to be reckoned with.

But if you are like me you also wondered what made Bad Horse so bad? What happened to him as a colt? What led him down this dark path?

Here my friends is the story....

When he was first born everyone one was surprised at Sparky's (that was his birth name) compassion, loyalty and kindness. He was always there to lend a helping hoof (shoe?) and to make sure that all was right in the herd and that no horse was left behind.

Then he met Unicorn the unicorn (her parents weren't very imaginative). He was galloping through the forest smelling the roses and tulips when he came upon a clearing and spotted a beautiful unicorn frolicking in a lavender field with the butterflies. It took just one look for Sparky to be smitten. He made his way into the clearing and the unicorn noticed him and beckoned him over. They started gamboling and playing together and by the end of the day Sparky knew he had found the unicorn of his dreams. He made Unicorn promise to meet him in the same field the next day.

When sparky went home he told his mom of the unicorn he met and how she had changed his life in one short afternoon. Him mom was so happy for him but encouraged him to remember that not everyone thinks it's ok for a horse and a unicorn to be together. Not everyone is so progressive in their thinking she reminded him... Sparky was sure this would not be a problem and went to sleep that night with
a smile on his face...

The next afternoon he went to the same clearing and even picked some tulips and roses for Unicorn on the way. He waited and waited until finally Unicorn came running into the field sobbing. Sparky begged her to tell him what was the matter. But Unicorn was reluctant. After much prodding finally Unicorn relented and told Sparky that her dad had forbid her from seeing Sparky again. "No unicorn of mine is going to date a horse!" he said. Unicorn was heart broken but would not go against her fathers wishes,

Sparky begged Unicorn to to run away with him but she refused. After all her father paid her cell phone bill and she had unlimited texting.

Sparky was outraged that Unicorn's father would not allow them to be together and that Unicorn wouldn't to stand up to him. He shook his hoof in the air and vowed never to love again. Never to let "the man" get him down.

Sparky changed his name to the worst thing he could think of, Bad, and he quickly started climbing the ranks in the world of Evil. He realized that evil came to him as easily as compassion and understand had before he ever knew Unicorn. Soon Bad Horse was at the top of his game running the ELE and striking fear in the hearts of humanity (especially "the man"). But on a quiet day when Bad Horse has had time to remember his dear Unicorn you can still smell the faint scent of lavender.

And that was day Sparky became Bad Horse - out to fight the status quo, because the status is not quo

Pattern Details
Bad Horse:
Pattern: Sea Horse by Barbara Prime
Yarn: Cascade 200 in Chocolate and Heathered Charcoal
Needles: US 6
Mod: Added a little pouch of lavender so that he smells pretty

Pattern: Sea Horse by Barbara Prime
Yarn: Some rainbowy fingering weight yarn from Beirut - I held two together. And some pretty purple yarn from Abu Dhabi.
Needles: US 6
Mod: Added a little pouch of lavender so that she smells pretty

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Berry said...

hahahaha, this was a very entertaining and sweet post.

Happy Eid, btw. Hope all is well with you.

Missing you here in the land of the sand, but I'll be going to White-land soon.