Saturday, March 21, 2009

FLS: Starting over

I re-cast on my February Lady Sweater and I have been knitting away. This is where I am at so far.

I am actually pretty proud of my self here because I was really worried that if I frogged the project that I would never start it again. I would just hide the yarn in the bottom of my yarn drawer where it would forever taunting me as the failure project that never was. And we're not talking some complicated double knit, fair isle, steak project (gives me cold sweats just thinking about it), no we're talking about a project that has been made over 4800 times and those are just the ones on ravelry!

When I was learning to drive on a manual shift (my dad insisted, saying I would be grateful for it and really he turned out to be right I'm so happy I can drive a manual and I actually prefer them) and I was having problems figuring it out and getting frustrated, I would just looked around the roads and figured if ALL of them can figure out how to drive and if ALL of them can pass their drivers license test so then I knew I could do it too (of course that was in Oregon out here I'm not sure half the people on the roads actually know how to drive but that's another story).

So now with the FLS I'm using the same technique. If 4800 people can make beautiful, well fitting sweaters well then SO CAN I and I will. Oh you don't know how stubborn I can be (well mom you probably do). I will make this sweater and it will fit me and I will wear it!

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Adrianna said...

I know how stubborn you are, and that yarn is no match for you!