Sunday, March 16, 2008

whew glad that's over with

let me tell you just how hard invitations are to do. it was hard enough to decide on something we both liked but then it became a huge production to get them to look anywhere near what we originally had in mind. i got to the point where i was happy to send out an Outlook meeting request and call it a day (except i can never get it to work right) fortunately between hilal's persistence and my ability to make bows we actually came out with some very nice looking invitations. but what i learned from the experience is pay what ever it takes but let someone else make them for you!

so now i have decided that since we had something not turn out "right" (even though it did work out nicely) for the wedding, i figure we have that out of the way and now everything will go smoothly. right?

one thing is for sure i now understand how women can become bridezillas planning all this stuff. you just keep telling your self that this is the one chance i have to make everything the way i want it to be. you're spending all this money and you just want it too be perfect... but really it's unrealistic. it doesn't matter how much (or little) money you spend some things will just not go right... and no one will notice. and IF they do, they wont care because really it's just a party where people are there to celebrate something special. ok so if i start to freak just remind me of that please ; )

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