Friday, March 7, 2008

why don't people plan their own parties...

one of the things that has started to bug me most about planning my wedding is that people feel the need to start giving me advice... if that's what you want to call it. i am very happy with the direction my wedding is going in. it's going to be a small ceremony filled with the people that matter most to us... not that guy that just comes to the party to get the free drinks and become waisted and too loud.

however on multiple occasions it has come to my attention that i will "regret" not inviting 350 people. yes that is three, five, oh! i don't even know 350 people and quite frankly i don't see what i am missing out on by not inviting that many people (outside of the ginormous bill!)

people have also told me that i will regret not spending some outrageous amount of money on my dress. i love my dress and spending more money on another one isn't going to make me more happy, in fact all it will accomplish make me more stressed about paying it off! besides spending more money on a dress isn't going to make me look like this...

they say you wedding is the best thing you can spend your money on and you will never regret it. seriously? it's a party! a PARTY! not a royal ball. i would rather buy a house or a car or that louis vitton purse i have always wanted but could never bring my self to buy.

i suppose it comes down to a difference in priorities. i am willing to spend a bit of money when i feel it is necessary (like the swarovski head piece i got) but over all i'm more worried about making sure everyone has a good time (including me and hilal!). perhaps everyone that feels the need to give me unsolicited advice, and sometimes i do ask for it! (see previous entry), should plan another wedding for themselves and they can invite 1000 people, have it be three days long, spend $12,000 on a dress and make sure that they have the biggest bestest wedding in the whole world!

on another note... why do you suppose my cat likes to lick my toes in the morning?

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Charmaine said...

My cat (he's living with my mum now, back in Aus) likes to lick the inside of my ear! Try that at 3am!

On the wedding advice, I know you don't really want anymore, but mine is a little different to what you described.

At my wedding there was 80 people and at the end of the day I felt bad about not being able spend enough time talking to everyone. Imagine if you had 350! All of the little details that I stressed out about in the planning went completely unnoticed by most of the guests or I did not get time to enjoy. My wedding was by no means huge or lavish and it was an amazing day, but I still felt afterwards that some of the money would have been better spent on that house deposit.

My advice is to do it the way you want to, don't get stressed out because it will go so absolutely fast, spend money on the stuff you really want to, don't worry about what everyone else says and have a great time.

How's that for advice?