Wednesday, March 19, 2008


it's the beginning of my three day weekend and i'm sick!

i was fine when i left for work today. i felt great and was so excited to have a three day weekend! this is the first weekend i haven't had anything planned in a long time and i was going to use it like a mini vacation and rest. then at work i started to feel not so good. i figured it was allergies. this is common to me i get all congested and tired because the grass outside is growing or some flower is blooming but as the day went on it just got worse. people were coming up to me asking if i was "OK" and i thought uh oh that's not good. "yeah i feel fine. why?"
"you just don't look very good... there are dark circles under your eyes."
"hmmm" i say pondering if it was allergies or more. "i'm sure i'm fine... i feel fine... i think it's just allergies" holding my breath hoping it IS just allergies

now i'm home and in bed and i'm full on sick. in the span of 15 hours i went from fine to blehhh. i'm all congested and i have a fever... woot woot!

so i guess i'll definitely get to do this weekend what i was planning on doing: rest and sleep. but don't you worry! i'm sure i'll be well enough to go to work on sunday.

ok good night. i'm going to bed

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Charmaine said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yeah, it was a fantastic trip and I will not hesitate to do it again if there is something special on back at home.

Thanks for the yarn shop advise too, I'll definitely check it out.

Good luck with all the final wedding plans. I hope everything goes well. Don't let the family stress you out too much and remember to have a good time. It's you day after all!