Monday, May 25, 2009

FO: Roaming Hat

The Dubai and Abu Dhabi knitting groups are in collaboration. We are trying something new. Actually it's been going for about 6 weeks already but I digress

Our new initiative is to have a roaming bag where each knitter can put in yarn or take it out as they please. It's so much fun! Here's how it works. As knitters you always end up with an extra ball of this, a half a skein of that or the few balls in a color you just bored of or not that into. But other knitters maybe looking for exactly what you have but don't need/want so you put it in the bag and hand it to the next knitter who takes out anything that they want and puts in what ever is in their stash that they are ready to get rid of.

This has been so popular with the group that we moved from a small box to a HUGE bag which we have now outgrown as well so it has a little sister bag that rides along with it.

I loved this concept immediately. I got rid of some too-bright blue yarn, a skein and a half of some lion brand that I just wasn't going to use again and an impulse buy from my trip to Lebanon last summer. All yarns I'll never use but maybe just maybe one of my knitting friends will! Bonus this helps free up space for all the yarn shopping in the states I'll be doing (my reward for 5 months of not purchasing yarn) yipee!

What did I take out you ask? I took out some lovely yarn from The Hazlitt Flock of Wenslydale dyed with Kool-Aid. I had tried to resist taking anything out the first time I received the bag even though I spotted this lovely gem. But the color was irresistible and when this little ball was sitting deep in the bad the second time around. So I took it and didn't think twice.

But I felt guilty. I cant just add to my stash for no reason. That's not how a diet works. I have been so good on my diet (did I mention I'm 5 months yarn free!) that I couldn't just add to my stash willy-nilly. No, if this is like a diet then when I break the diet I have to run an extra mile in the morning. So I found a pattern right away and got to work.

I made, what I lovingly refer to as, the Kool-Aid Lace Hat.

Pattern: Georgian Lace Cap - Free from KnitPicks
Needles: 7's
Yarn: The Hazlitt Flock Wenslydale
Color: Peach
Mods: Nope! What's to change? But as you can see it's a bit dark on the bottom and but it also ended up having another dark stripe near the top so I decided to go with it and embrace it's uniqueness.

Basically I love this hat. LOVE IT. The color, the pattern, the yarn. Love!

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Charmaine said...

Love it Lindsay! I haven't had a chance to peek in the roaming bag yet. Looking forward to it this Friday!