Saturday, October 11, 2008

baby hoodie cardi: done

presenting the lion brand baby cardi..........

yup it's all done! i went ahead and binded off hood and then seamed the edges rather than the three needle bind off... this here explains my delema. i'm proud of my self though cause this is for a friend of mine who is having a baby in december and i'm done and it's only the beginning of october!! and i finished her gift! isn't that fantastic!!!

the new buttons i got the other day

i did make a few modifications. i made the body an inch longer and the pattern read that the sleeves and hood should be knit in a garter stitch but i went for a stockinette stitch with garter boarders that match the bottom and button edging of the hoodie.

i should also tell you that we were saved this weekend by princess. she came to our rescue and saved us from the attacking dry noodles! here she is in action

here she is with the noodle...

oh it almost got away but don't worry she was able to capture it again before it hid in the shoes

here she is presenting her fresh noodle kill.

thanks princess! that was a close one

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