Thursday, October 9, 2008

knitter's block

i'm having knitter's block. i don't know what to knit. i finished the baby cardi (pics to come soon) and now i don't know what to start on. i could work on the tunic..... but i haven't touched it in weeks. i'm thinking of bringing it with me tomorrow to the SnB to get some opinions on how it's going. however in the mean time i need something to work on. anything! well that's not true otherwise i would be knitting something. right? the problem is i want instant gratification. i want something quick and cute but that will also be a challenge... but not another baby sweater. something besides a baby sweater. and it has to be something i already have the materials for. i have put a stop to my yarn purchasing until either (a) i use up more of what i already have, (b) have a bad day and need a fix or (c) the unlikely event that a lys opens up here and i need to support their business : )
i have found a few patterns that i'm interested in. one (a lace purse) is in my new mason dixon knitting book and after scouring my stash i picked out a beautiful yarn and sat down to get my needles together and would you believe that i don't have size 10 s in 20" circs? nope i have 24" or longer :::sigh::: ok so i put the yarn back and look through my ravelry queue. ooohh and i found the most adorable hat that i have been dyeing to make! so this time i wise up and look for the needles first. yeah i KNOW with out even looking that i don't have size 2 DPNs. :::sigh::: i'll keep looking.... there's gotta be something out there that i have both the needles and the yarn for. right? perhaps i DO need to order more yarn and needles while i'm at it : D

hahahaha just kidding!

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