Saturday, October 4, 2008

introducing the procrastinator


my name is lindsay

and i am a procrastinator.

i have been a procrastinator all of my life (with a particularly difficult time during college). most recently it has been the newest baby cardi i have been working on. i started it on the 26th of september and really got in to it over the five day weekend. i am now on the final two inches of the hood and i have stalled. stalled! i mean i have all the seaming done and all the edges sewn in buttons picked out and everything! all i have is 2 more inches to go and i am doing everything but knitting. i swept the floor, i read some blogs, i surfed ravelry looking for a matching baby hat and now i'm blogging. i'm doing anything i can think of except knit (and the dishes of course). i mean it's lion brand jiffy! it would only take me about a half hour to get the next 2 inches done. but nope, not happening.

part of the problem is i'm not sure if i want to bind off the hood with a three needle bind off or seam the edges together. see the hood is done by picking up stitches around the collar and knitting a rectangle. then you take the top edge fold it in half and seam it together. i'm tempted to knit half way down the last row and do a three needle bind off starting down the center as this will save me the time and ensure even edges. but if i seam the ends then it will look more... well... seamless. but it will take time and effort and i suck at seaming garter stitch. it always looks a bit like a mess. :::sigh::: i just can't pick

i could use my psychology degree here and try to analyze why i have stopped my self when i am so close to being done. such as: do i have a fear of success? or am i trying to hold my self back from completing things sooner than i have to (a self fulfilling procrastinator)? or perhaps sub-consciously i believe that if i don't finish the cardi then the long weekend that has been so wonderful will never end. hehehe. if only!

probably it's just that i can't make up my mind on how to bind off. and when i can't decided what to do i just pause (as if that fixes anything) and wait until i make a decision.

does anyone else have this problem???

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