Monday, October 6, 2008

books, Oreos and yarn.... doesn't get much better!

it was recently my birthday and i received a package from my mom....

...and my sister.

you should know that she also sent me a book Eat, Pray, Love (it's not in the pic cause it's already on my bed side stand being read and i gotta say so far so good)

this shows how well my mom and my sis know me... they both sent yarn (fabulous fabulous yarn!) they both sent books and they both sent Oreos.... hehehe and they both knew that those things combined would be the PERFECT birthday gift : D what's even better is that i know they didn't talk to each other about this before hand!

i am like a kid in a candy store and i don't know where to start first... Oreos! no. reading!. no. knitting!!!!! not until i finish the baby cardi (yup still procrastinating). if only i could figure out a way to read and knit at the same time.... hmmmmm.... while eating Oreos..... oh does that sound like perfection or what? i think i'll go give it a shot right now!

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Adrianna said...

The baby cardi represents the recreation of your childhood. Your subconscious knows that when it's done, you must fully enter adulthood and face up to your responsibilites. And plus, then you're out of hot pink yarn.

xo Carl Jung