Tuesday, October 21, 2008

more yarn!

first i want to say thank you to everyone for your support in me vs. the bank. i think i have prevailed! but seriously considering closing my account and going to another bank... especially after i ordered my new card and told them i would pick it up (after a long painful discussion) only to have DHL call me today and ask what address they should deliver my card to!

but on to brighter and shinier things... my mom sent me more yarn! an extended birthday present! i'm so lucky. my stash here is now over flowing and it feels great!

fist she sent me this cascade 220 in a plum heather (sorry don't know the official name but you can get the color lot on my ravelry page)
i think i'm going to use this yarn to make the February Lady Sweater i'm so excited. this is a project just for me and in my favorite color too!

second she sent me some of my stash from home (woot woot!)
i had made a baby blanket out of this. it was one of my first blankets and i had gotten WAY too much yarn. but that just means i can make something fab out of it now! and i am really enjoying knitting with worsted weight yarn. it just seems so virsital

this is left over from another baby blanket i had made. it's in a creamy yellow and gorgous

this is the most special of all from my stash. this is from my grandmother's stash! she had never gotten around to crocheting with it and after she passed away it just sat in storage. when i started knitting my dad dug it up and gave it to me. i haven't been able to make anything with it so far cause what ever i make i want it to be special and something that will be passed down. also it's quite a thin yarn so i'm not really sure what i can make with it.... perhaps a shawl? any ideas? (oh also there may be more of it but i'm still waiting for confirmation of that)

my mom also sent me ho ho's and twinkies! yum! i think my mom and my sis are trying to tempt me back to the states with sweets! and it just might be working ; )

thanks mom for all my yarn and sweets!

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Hala said...

lovely lovely yarns...
they are sometimes so "blond" in the custoner service over here...