Friday, October 31, 2008


we are in unprecedented times here people! UNPRECEDENTED!!!! really, the events of late are ones that are shaking my whole vision of reality. i'm starting to question all that i believe to be true and retest theories i have developed over the years.

and no i'm not talking about the whole economy / presidential election thing. no this is bigger. much bigger! Etisalat (our local UAE phone and internet service provider) told us they would install our internet in 2 weeks. And people it's been 2 weeks and i have internet!!! lets just take a few seconds to let the gravity of the situation sink in... (or perhaps you need to re-read the sentence to make sure you read it correctly)
i'll background here for all you non-UAE'rs... when anything of this nature (installation of internet, cable, water, electricity, etc) needs to be done out in Abu Dhabi or Dubai the service provider will tell you 2 weeks and really they mean 6 weeks and that's only after many phone calls, a little bit of yelling and serious contemplation of not needing said service at all! so i don't know what happened here. DH told me Etisalat said they would be out in 2-4 weeks so i took this to mean 6- infinity weeks and low and behold we got a phone call this morning from Etisalat saying they would be at our place in 20 minutes and 1 hour later they were here!!! 10 minutes after that they were gone and we had internet. i couldn't be happier or more surprised.

so now that i have internet i need to catch you up on my goings on...

first the reason we didn't have internet for 2 weeks (only! woot woot) is because we moved. we decided to move to a small town in between Abu Dhabi and Dubai so that both cities are more easily accessible for us both (as we seem to be going to both cities a lot)

here's princess helping me pack.

here's princess exhausted after all the packing

this is our new room. which i love. i would show you more but it isn't done yet so you'll have wait

the move actually went very smooth this time thanks to Aramex coming and packing everything into their trucks and reassembling everything at the new house. we are almost completely unpacked at this point and i love love the new place. it's so calm out here. i feel like i'm at a retreat ; )

now. on to knitting news... i have been working a project for a friend of mine who is such a great friend that a knitted project is over due for her! she supports me through all my work craziness and opens her house to me when ever i need to stay in Dubai. when i saw this project i thought of her and when i showed it to her she loved it! so i let her pick out the yarn she wanted (which was Cascade 220 in a teal heather) and then i immediately ordered it from Yarn Country (along with some Rowan Purelife **cough cough**)

as soon as it arrived i got busy. (the pic above is more accurate for the color)

this is the makings of the Back to School U-Neck Vest from the book Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel. this is the second pattern i have been working on out of this book. the other patter is the Crisp Rectangle Tunic. i refuese to say it's hibernating but i did take it off the needles. only because i needed the 7's to work on the back to school vest. but i'm re-motivated to finish this tunic and enjoy wearing one of my own pieces. so don't worry you will see progress soon!!!

oh and finally HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! hope your halloween is very spooky ; )


Sydney said...

WOW. That's seriously crazy that you got your internet that fast! And how nice. I always feel so naked without access to the world. Anyway, I will post a pic soon, but I've had to unravel the stupid thing 4 times now and only have about 16 rows done (again). Part of it is messed up but I'm trying my darndest! hehe.

Charmaine said...

Yay to having internet again and woohoo to getting it sooo quickly. Your friend is seriously lucky!

Hala said...

what a lucky girl you are ;) 2 weeks for internet? ;) hihihi..
love the teal color yarn for your friend , she's also lucky!...