Friday, December 4, 2009

The Ducks are Going to Rose Bowl!!!

Ugh I haven't been this homesick for a long time. I just miss being in the crowd at Autzen Stadium as we win a game. There's no feeling quite like being in sea of green and yellow, all cheering for the same team (except for the little patch of away fans) and the excitement that builds as we get closer and closer to winning the game.

December 3rd marked the Civil War between the University of Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State University Beavers. This is always a huge game for us as it gives the winner an entire year to hold it over the loser at various family functions and other football events. This game nearly divides the Oregon population in half as they stand up for the team they have cheered for for years.

The thing that made this year's Civil War even more exciting and pressurized (I'm pretty sure that's a word) was that the winner of the Civil War would be invited to play at Rose Bowl! ROSE BOWL! In Pasadena! It's exciting for any team to get so close to playing there but to have it be Oregon vs. Oregon State that decides it is just crazy!

So as I went to bed last night I put on my Duck pj's (they would be playing while I slept) and hoped that when I woke up it would be good news.


The Ducks won over the Beavers 37 -33 at Autzen Stadium

(Autzen Stadium on game night)

We're going to Rose Bowl!!!
happy dance

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