Saturday, December 12, 2009

rain rain come and stay!

Weather has been a bit crazy here the past week. By crazy I mean by our standards which is to say it wasn't hot and sunny with blue skies.

It started with a sand storm... ugh. Those are just no fun to experience. Seriously.

This is the sand left on my windshield after being parked at work all day. Covered parking I should add.

But then something fabulous happened that made up for the sand storm! IT RAINED!!!!!!

It started raining yesterday and has been raining off and on since. The good thing is the streets look like this!

The bad thing is that people forget that roads are going to be slippery after no rain for 11.5 months, so there are accidents everywhere. But I can handle the defensive driving if I get to keep the rain for a while.

I love the rain.




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