Saturday, December 12, 2009

FO: Silky Ruffles

I saw this pattern around a few places and just fell in love it it. It is simple but has a little extra something that gets it noticed... I some yarn in my stash the other day and it hit me...

This yarn was made to be a ruffly scarf!

I quickly bought (best $3.50 ever!) the pattern and got to work. I just couldn't wait to cast on!

I love the way the colors work with this pattern

I love how the ruffles stack up when they are wrapped around your neck a couple times

This scarf was so much fun to knit and it knit up so quickly. I love instant gratification!

Project Details:

Pattern: Just Enough Ruffles by Laura Chau
Yarn: Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 3 ply - Just under one skein
Needles: US 9
Mods: none

It's been very difficult not to cast on a second one. The only reason I haven't is that I have loads of projects to get done first!! But that loyalty to my WIPs may not last very long. We'll see.

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