Monday, February 22, 2010

WIP Update

As most knitters know the Ravelympics are in full swing. This time around I decided to join in the fun and see if I could meet my Ravelumpic goals!

What was my goal you ask? Well it was to knit the
Plain Talk Ruffled Mittens by Laura Irwin

I thought they would look super cute with the Just Enough Ruffles Scarf I knit

I'm almost done with one and making good progress on the second and am confident that I'll finish the knitting portion of the project on time. The part I'm worried about the most is the buttons... where am I going to get buttons by Sunday?

Before the Ravelympics began I started knitting this hat as well

It's the Side Slip Cloche also by Laura Irwin (I love her stuff!) I am really loving the way it's coming out but I'm a little worried that I'll run out of yarn before I reach the top!

Ok ok enough chatting I have a knitting deadline to meet!

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