Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coolest booklight ever!

I don't talk about it much here... but I love to read. LOVE to read. I can go through a book in a couple days if I put my mind to it and I love love love love getting sucked in to series books where I can stick with the characters for a while as they go on their different adventures. One of the things that goes along in my quest for good books is my quest for the perfect book light. I like to read before bed but a bedside lamp is too bright, I need it to be dark and sleepy in the room.

On my quest for the perfect book light I have learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. And like any good relationship I have sorted out my needs so that I know what I want going in. My needs aren't unrealistic (at least I don't think they are)... they are simple.

  1. The light has to be bright - so that I can READ the book and not squint at the book.
  2. It must clamp on to the book and stay there and not slide around everywhere or :::gasp::: fall off!
  3. Said clamp must work on paper back or hardcover. I like diversity here.
  4. It can’t be too bulky other wise it just makes reading the book uncomfortable and the back starts bending under the weight of the light and it’s just a mess I tell you! A mess!
  5. Most importantly - It must not take lithium batteries. I am not going to go to some specialty store and buy outrageously priced batteries just so I can get home and have to un-screw some back panel to replace some battery ever few months. No way.

This quest has had its highs and lows. Sometimes I think if found IT, the perfect book light! Only to be disappointed and let down when the light is dim or it falls of the book. The only way around the lithium battery that I knew of was to go the AAA battery rout. I didn’t mind this so much as I could just pick up batteries during my regular shopping but it sure did seem wasteful.
But all these problems are in the past :::cue happy dance:::

pic from MoMA

My mom found this book light in the MoMA catalog and it’s perfect. I mean seriously perfect. Let’s go through the check list

  1. Bight light? – check! The light is almost too bright it’s so bright.
  2. Good clamp? – check! Look at that clamp! It’s huge! Definitely has good coverage and even has a little pattern on the inside of the clamp to give it extra stability
  3. Clamp good on paper back and hardcover? – check! The clamp is designed in a way that seems to work great on both types of books. LOVE!
  4. Not bulky? – check! Look at that thing! How can that be bulky?
  5. No lithium battery refill? – check! No lithium or AAA batteries to worry about (or any other for that matter) cause it’s RECHARGEABLE!!!!! That’s right! That trendy little base (that lets that light work standing up as well) recharges the book light!

Is this not the coolest book light ever! The charge lasts for about 2 hrs after 8 hrs of charging which is great for me on a normal night. On a sleepless night I will have to either call in my ol’-stand-by book light or just plug this pretty lady into the base and read with the light from there.

It’s a tish pricy but when you take into account that there are no more battery purchases necessary this thing pays for it’s self in a few months. It's worth it for something used daily and that is more environmentally friendly and looks cool!

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