Monday, April 19, 2010

FO: Tweed Baby Blanket & Hat

When I saw this blanket made by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed I knew I had to make it. The simplicity of the center paired with the lace edge was just perfect in my eyes. Not too cutesy but cutesy enough - know what I mean? So I immediately went to KnitPicks and shopped around for the perfect yarn when I ran across their line of organic cotton available in four colors. The four colors available are gorgeous and colors together looked fantastic... I immediately added them to my basket (as well as some of the tweed) for the gorgeous blanket I knew I just had to knit.

Not long after my purchase I got the news that my sister was expecting. I was so excited and knew immediately that I was going to knit this blanket for the baby. And since this was during us packing up and getting ready to move to America I gathered all the cotton together and packed it carefully in my bag so that I could start knitting it while we began our new adventure (you may remember me showing the beginning of this project

Knitting this blanket was a pleasure. The pattern is written well and it made it easier to make the modifications to handle the lighter yarn I was using. I also loved watching the colors as they changed from light to dark.

Project Details

Tweed Baby Blanket by Jared Flood
Simply Cotton Organic Sport from Knit Picks in marshmallow, malted milk, toffee and ginger
Needles: KP’s Zephyrs in US 4
Modifications: Since this pattern is written for a bit thicker yarn and bigger needles I had to knit more in order make the blanket the right size(ish). I knit up two balls of the marshmallow increasing as directed then started the decreasing at the end of the second ball. I added the “E” as I finished up the decreasing and used the contrasting color of ginger.

For the lace boarder I added two lace repeats to each side of the blanket. For the coloring I did the 1st lace chart in marshmallow, 2&3 in malted milk, 4&5 in toffee and 6 and BO in ginger. I then blocked the blanket as tight as possible. I loved the blanket and will definately knit this again!

After I finished the blanket I had plenty of the yarn left over and felt that the blanket needed a little hat to go with it… So I found a top down pattern for baby hats. So cute!

Project Details

Top-Down Baby Hat by Jennifer Meyers
Simply Cotton Organic Sport from Knit Picks in marshmallow, malted milk, toffee and ginger
Neeles: KP’s Zephyrs in US 4 using magic loop
Modifications: I did the crown in the marshmallow and added 2 extra increases. I then knit down until I had roughly 5.5 inches left and started the first lace chart. I decreased the lace charts to be for 12 stitches and knit the colors in the same striping as the blanket.

I love the way the hat came out… Better than I had anticipated! But I’m a little worried it’s going to be a bit big for the baby - time will tell! She’ll grow in to it sooner or later right?

I am really happy with this little set. In fact I am so happy with it that it was hard not to keep it! I can't wait to see baby "E" all wraped up in it.

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Psalms66 said...

I just love your color choices for this blanket. I'm going to make one in similar colors out of cotton and bamboo. Thanks for sharing!