Friday, April 16, 2010

No Knitting

I haven't knit in 3 days. This (for me) is a substantial amount of time. It isn't that I don't have anything on the needles... You can easily look to the right and see that I have at least 2 projects waiting for me to work on. The problem, I have realized, is that I am unsure of them. I'm not sure the socks are the right size and I'm not sure what row I was on in the Ishbel and it just makes me stop. I just put them down and think about them all day. Should I continue when the socks might be too big and then I would have to rip them back? Should I stop and measure but measuring isn't as accurate as everyone makes it sound. We all remember the dreaded FLS rip of '09when I had to rip back an almost complete FLS, even though I swatched (for the first time ever I might add), because it came out way too small.

I guess I could get started on the shawl pretty easily but to be honest I REALLY don't feel like working with lace weight right now. Even though I am mere rows away from being done with the Ishbel I just cannot look at lace.

So now I'm in a dilemma... and what do I do? I sit and do nothing. I just stare at the socks. Then I hide them so that they don't taunt me and then I pull them out like I'm going to work on them only to start worrying and put them away again. sigh. Somehow, in my mind, if I let them sit long enough then they will magically be perfect and I can start knitting them again. I know I know - Great solution right?

Ok thank you for listening and letting me get that all out there. Back to staring at socks

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