Thursday, December 11, 2008


I got take away for lunch today and would you believe they spelled my name "Leazee"! I don't know what is so complicated about my name. It's even quite common in the States. My biggest problem there was if someone spelled it with an "e" Lindsey or an extra "y" Lyndsay. I did have someone one write (in my year book I might add) Lynzee but I think they were just trying to find a cooler way of writing my name. I personally prefer the original spelling

But since I have moved here I have heard so many variations of my name that I can't believe it! Often over the phone when I'm speaking to someone (cough*Pilipino*cough) and I give them my name the conversation goes like this

Service Rep: Can I have your name please Ma'am (pronounce mmaaaaaaaamm) ?
Me: Lindsay (phonetically it's [lyn-zee] in case you are unfamiliar with the name)
Service Rep: Wendy?
Me: No. Lindsay
Service Rep: Wendy?
Me: No. Lyn - see. With an "L"
Service Rep: Lindy?
Now this is where I usually stop and say "Yes. Lindy is my name" if it's something unimportant like ordering food. but if it's not that simple then…
Me: Noooo. Lindsay as in Lima, India, North, Dakota, Sugar, Alpha, Yellow
Service Rep: oooohhhhhh Lind Say (saying slowly like I'm a small child and don't know how to pronounce my own name and need to be corrected)
Me: (rolls eyes) whatever just send me my stuff :::SIGH:::

I mean seriously with all the name variations they have out here why would my name be so difficult. There are names I run across everyday and I can't believe they are actual names but I won't try to give you examples because really I don't want to butcher their names they way mine has been butchered ever since I moved here.

What's even better is that I now have a Lebanese last name (or family name as it's called in these parts) people get all confused when they meet me trying to figure out where I'm from and whether or not I can understand them speaking Arabic. HAHAHA. In fact the other day I had a guy ask me where my family name was from. "Lebanon" I replied. Then he asked if I went to a school with a British system or American. I was like "uuuhhh American". I guess I have falsely thought my accent would give this away but apparently I don't sound American. People guess that i'm from South Africa, UK, I get Canada a lot, I even had a girl walk up to me and start speaking in Russian once. Someone asked me if I was German (which my mom will love) and from the Netherlands. Someone even asked me once (and this is the best one) if I was Lebanese. HAHAHAHA!!! cause I look so Phoenician right? (Oh and I might add this was before I had my married name). I mean I know there are blond Lebanese people but seriously? Me? Really? I don't think so. If you are wondering what I look like just check out this post (one of my favorites) and you can see how "Lebanese" I look (hehehe still makes me laugh)

Oh well I suppose these are the joys of living in a land far far away : ) just keep telling my self blue water... palm trees... camels...

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