Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Alicia and George

last night i headed out to the Alicia Keys / George Michael concert at the Zayed Sports Stadium!! and i must say it was a lot of fun.

this is where i hung out until we got closer to the start of the concert. because of my hatred for traffic i always get to concerts either late after they start (if i'm not too interested in the opening act) or super early when i want to make sure to see the start of the concert. well obviously i really wanted to see Alicia Keys so i got there super early and i went to the lounge and had my usual Red Bull Sugarfree while i hung out with some friends.

this is the crowd that welcomed us as we walked down into the arena. massive.

here's Alicia Keys singing amazingly. i must say that some artists are a bit disappointing (cough-dixi chicks-cough) in person but Alicia's voice is is incredible and sounds as good (if not better) in person as on her cd's not to mention she's gorgeous.

and here is George Michael. yeah i know. GEORGE MICHAEL! in person. his voice was really good as well and he's show was fantastic.

it's kinda hard to tell in this pic but here is the crowd while George Michael was singing. seriously i didn't think it could get bigger but it did. which is why i had to get out of it.

over all the concert was well organized and easy to get in and out of and the show was fantabulous! i would definitely head out to another concert at the Zayed Sports Stadium

the only piece of feed back that i would have (which has nothing to do with the artists or the concert organizer) is that if you are a woman (or man for that matter) with long hair, especially curly, please keep in mind just how much space your hair takes up when you are in a crowded confined area. it is no fun to have someone else's hair in your face and flicking you as some girl dances in front of you. i don't enjoy it. i mean seriously is it so hard to tie it back or braid it or something? and really you don't know that you are hitting everyone around you with you hair as you flip your head around? oooh it makes me shudder just thinking about it. i'll admit that i'm very sensitive in crowds. more like i hate them. therefore i'm not very tolerant but when the third girl (taller than me i might add) decides standing in front of me is the very best place to be at the whole entire concert and the proceeds to whip me with her frizzy hair i become very intolerant. that is when said girl should be grateful that i don't have scissors on me cause she wouldn't have that long hair anymore if i did. don't get me wrong i love long hair. in fact i have had seriously long hair a few times in my life but i always tried to respect the people around me as i always figured that even though i got many compliments on my hair that that didn't mean people wanted a mouth full of it. see? here's my hair at the Bon Jovi concert. tied back.

oh yeah, and you, loud whistle guy. warn the people in front of you first!

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