Saturday, December 6, 2008

help! WIP confusion!

so i was all excited to give you project updates on my two WIPs and now i'm worried i have messed up on one... uuuggghhh

but first let me you tell you about the phiaro which is coming along slowly but surly. it's great to work on while i'm in the car (a passenger of course) or while i'm watching a movie and want something more mindless (i.e. headache-less) and well, endless.

here's the updated picture.... i'm not sure it actually looks longer than the last pic but it is. and i feel i work on it a lot so you get a pic anyways.

now for the help.... here is the Back to School Vest. see? i have made a lot of progress from when you last heard me talk about it here. and now it looks like this!

yup the front is all done!

look at that waffle stitch.... i'm really happy with the way it looks and it's so easy to do!

but the back. the back is where all the problems are.... the pattern said decrease one at the end of the next 7 rows. which i did. and then i started knitting on to get the 6.5 inches of length the pattern calls for. but about 5 (cough10cough) rows into the even rows i had a flash back to the baby cardi! 7 really means 14 doesn't it! aakk is 7 decreases RS and 7 WS.

dang. i think i just answered my own question! it's really decrease one at the end of the next 14 rows isn't it? :::sigh::: and i just counted my stitches and i have too many. uuugghhh! why didn't i check earlier!!! oh well i guess i have some ripping to do. at least i didn't get too much further, like to the end and sitting there confused as to why i have too many stitches. however i have heard the back comes in a bit narrow so maybe i shouldn't do all 14... although i'm not sure i could figure out how to fix it from there to match the front. no i think i'll just stick to the pattern.

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