Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lovely weekend indeed

I had a fantastic weekend! It started on thuresday with my husband and I having dinner at Mall of The Emirates in Dubai. I had tabbouleh and rice from Beirut and he had a salad. So sensible.

Then yesterday (Friday), I met up with Sydney for lunch at Biella in Marina Mall (that's in Abu Dhabi in case you were trying to figure out if the new Marina Mall in Dubai is open yet, it isn't). After a wonderful pesto we wandered around the mall then headed to Caribou Coffee to meet up with our fellow U-Knitted Amiras as it was time for our regular meeting once again! Most everyone showed up and Sydney even had her first FO!!!!
I have a pic but I'm going to send it to her because I really think she should be the one to show the world her first FO... then up load it on to ravelry so that we can all favorite it!

Today I went to the Green Branch (our local LYS I suppose) although I didn't head over there for knitting needs rather I needed some painting supplies... but of course I got in to downtown Abu Dhabi at like 2:30 and the Green Branch doesn't open until 4:30! So I headed over to Starbucks for some coffee and PDK (public display of knitting) in case I hadn't gotten enough coffee and knitting yesterday ; )

I just sat and watched the world go by as I worked diligently on my Phiaro Scarf. Every once and a while a passer-by would look inside and see me knitting and usually, well, stare until they almost ran into something or ran out of window to stare through. hehehe. it was a lot of fun. two guys were about to sit in the two seats in front of me but when one of them saw me he said "lets sit up stairs I don't want to block her view." isn't that nice! I really appreciated that cause I gotta look somewhere while I am knitting and it would have been just plain awkward to stare at them the whole time.

So now I'm laying in bed working on the finishing for the Back to School Vest (after a pep talk from Kundi yesterday, thanks Kundi!) while we get carpet installed in the living room. YAY! I'm very excited. no more unfinished floors!! I'll take pics and show you the house now that it's "presentable".

I hope you had a great weekend too... have a lovely week!

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Kundi said...

So what you're saying is that you went to Green Branch without us? Well, since you didn't actually go to buy yarn, you're forgiven!