Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sailing, Cars & Malls... Oh My!

This was another busy weekend for me as i ran all around both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Yesterday was great! Me and my hubby started out the day by going to the Corniche by Marina Mall to watch a sailing competition. They were racing in the itty sail boats (yes. that is the official term).

everyone getting ready for the race

This is Adel. He went to the Bejing Olympics. Yup. If you walk up to him and you're all "so this summer I took a vacation, did a little traveling and whoa that heat was harsh. What did you do?" he would say "I was in China participating in the Olympics." And then, if you are like me, you would feel like an under achiever. hehehe. But really He's a super nice guy.

This is the race under way. Way way far away i might add. So we didn't stay to see who won because we had more things to go see and do!

We went to the Abu Dhabi International Car Show at ADNEC. (No, you haven't read this before. that was the Turbo Fest you read about last month with customized cars. This one was all new cars, straight from the manufacturers, therefore it was different and therefore i couldn't miss it.)

This was just a little bit of the fun to be had there because our camera died at the sailing event so we only took a couple pics, but good ones!

this is a concept car/truck/SUV (i dunno) from Toyota.

Call me crazy but I like it!

And look at this!

The person who made this is the reason this was made.

I think my sister was right when she said that I have met my bling threshold living out here and there were many people (including myself who did not think there was a threshold to be met)

Today we headed out to Dubai Mall. The worlds biggest mall! And whoa it's huge. Early this morning we went to re-register the car. Sorry no pics because, well frankly I want you to keep visiting my blog. But I did manage to get a lot of knitting done while I was there. I don't know if it was the early hours of the morning or the general grumpiness people experience when having to re-new their registrations but i didn't get one odd look (at least that I noticed) or comment on my knitting. Perhaps people are just accepting that we knitters are out there and we are not afraid of PDK (public displays of knitting)

So after the registration we headed over to Dubai mall because i HAD to go there after Sydney showed that Taco Bell had opened there. Ginormous aquarium. eeehh. Taco Bell. Oh Yeah!

So we wandered around for a bit and got our Taco Bell fix and then went through the aquarium.
This Aquarium has everything! A tunnel with sharks, penguins, seals, and (wait for it) a BEAVER!!!

OOh and look at the giant Coach store! They were having a huge sale but I managed to make it through the store without any purchases! I'm so proud of my self!

It's like three little pieces of home right here in Dubai. Taco Bell, Coach and a beaver. Oh what fun!

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Sydney said...

We should have just gotten Taco Bell instead of Toscana at Madinat Jumeirah... sigh. And sadly, that's not a beaver... he is a "water rat". I thought we just called them a different name until I saw the gross thin tail he was sporting! Water Rat. So disappointing.