Monday, June 15, 2009

200 POSTS!!!

This is so exciting for me! I can't believe I have hit the 200 post mark and my blog is just months shy of being 2 whole years old!

I can't believe I have been able to stick with it this long and I can't believe I actually have that much to talk about.

But I do have something to talk about today! I am just days away from vacation. A much needed vacation home for 3 weeks! I feel like a seven year old waiting for her put-put golf birthday party. I am so excited to go to a land of normal heat where people can complain about it being 85 degrees out and my husband and I can scoff at their inability to handle real heat (lets not talk about when we went there in the winter and nearly froze to death in 50 degree weather). We will see green grass and green trees and real flowers that don't stay alive through artificial watering systems that stretch for miles and miles on end. We can see our families and spend quality time with those we love. We can go to "the lake" or go sailing on "the river". We can eat yummy food like Spaghetti Factory, PF Changs, In-n-Out Burger, NY Pizza (Hey! Don't laugh just cause I plan out what restaurants I'm going to visit and diet for 2 months before hand so I can stuff my face and not feel guilty. You know you do it too).

Anyhoo I'm sure you have gotten the idea that I am quite excited for my trip. But I don't want to leave you with out anything to read for 3 weeks so I came up with a plan. As the time unfolds I will reveal all my secret knitting projects because they will all have been giving to their new owners with in the first couple days of my trip. I'm excited to share them because it has been so hard not to post each and every FO I have completed in the past few weeks.

So stay tuned!


Sydney said...

You must keep good notes while you travel so you can come back and tell us all about it. And I mean the good stuff like the restaurants! I'm so jealous and I can't wait to go home too (50 days for me). I hope you both have an awesome time and get all refreshed before you come back.

(btw, the CAPTCHA word verification on this post was "swines" Lol)

Lindsay said...

hahaha swines... how appropriate.

will take lots of notes and might even post directly from there if i have time but who knows. ooh and lots of pictures

Abid said...

"In-n-Out Burger"

I'm jealous.

Charmaine said...

Congrats on reaching 200 posts! I hope (I know) you are having a great holiday!