Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's not hot

It's scorching

Ok ok I know that I talk about how hot it is here a lot but seriously check out my temperature gauge on my car. This was at 11:15 in the morning which means it got hotter! By the time I was cruising down the highway it got up to 117.

I heard rumors it went way past 117 as the day progressed but I was comfortably knitting away inside the cool Abu Dhabi Mall at Starbucks for the WWKIP day (World Wide Knit In Public Day). I didn't take any pictures because I'm just not good at remembering that kinda thing but if you pop on over to the U-Knitted Amiras Blog you can see big group of UAE knitters knitting in public. It was so much fun. We were knitting in public for 6 hours! Talk about a great day!

This is how Princess feels about the heat...

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