Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FO: Roses!

Third FO reveal Finished June 21st:

I made these roses for my mom. There are three primary reasons for choosing these roses as a project for my mom. 1. My mom is a HUGE supporter of my knitting and has on many occasions gone to the Knitting Bee near my house in Portland, Oregon and purchased for me whatever yarn I need for a particular project. She then sends it half way around the world just so I can knit and be happy. 2. Real roses die after some time where these ones will last forever! 3. My mom is just worth it. I'll get her any kind of rose she wants because she deserves it.

I really love the way they came out (I made six). They are suppose to be felted though but that didn't go so well. I tried to hand felt them by dumping them in boiling water, then shaking them in a tupperware with little metal objects for agitation, then dumping them in ice water only to repeat the process over three times. It didn't work. At all. But my biceps have never looked better! Anyhow plan 2 is to set them loose on my mom's washer/dryer when we get home and see how that works out. I'll keep you posted

So here are the details.

Pattern: Peruvia Roses from Berroco
Yarn: Cascade 220. I have been using up extras from the Pinwheel sweater and twirly skirt and finally finished one of the never ending skeins
Mods: Nope!


shm said...

Thats sooooo sweet of you Lindsay!
Just perfect for a mother.
As I was wondering for the swap, are you a floral gal?


Charmaine said...

I still think that felting them with your hands will work best. Really get in there and give them a good rub. Still they look lovely as they are!

Lindsay said...

hi shyma, i'm more of a "clean lines" girl but i do like simple flowers and roses....

Lindsay said...

hey charmaine, my mom decided she loved them just the way they were so no further felting was needed but whew what a workout felting can be!