Sunday, March 15, 2009

Frogged: FLS


what's wrong with this picture?

I know it looks like a beautiful February Lady Sweater (FLS) to you. And it would be perfect if I were making it for someone about 6 inches smaller than me (in width not height). But I'm not I'm making it for me.

It became quite clear yesterday at my knitting group that it just wasn't going to fit. Even if I blocked it, it still wasn't going to fit. sighAnd I was so close to being done! I mean, look at that lace!

I couldn't even frog it until tonight because I had to the let idea sink in. All that knitting just gone. Now this is my FLS.

I really could have finished knitting it and given it to someone smaller (much much smaller) than my self and under normal circumstances I would have. But this is my special sweater with my special Twisted BMFA yarn. I love this yarn and I love this color so I decided I WILL knit this sweater and I will knit it in a size I can wear.

So lets talk about the project that DIDN'T go completely wrong.

It my Noro Striped Scarf with Rowan Tapestry! I love this scarf. It's just the right width (a little more narrow than the original Noro I made) and I love the rainbow colors.

Look at the pretty colors

I love this scarf.

Ok now to go re-cast on for my FLS


Kundi said...

I feel your pain... I had to frog mine too remember? It hurts, but think how much more you'll treasure it!

shm said...

Lindsay! OOOH I love the colors of the scarf, and it looks soo smooth.
But I know that when you start again your FLS, it will be much faster. And I salute you for your determination. You go girl ;)

Adrianna said...

oh, Bubbola.
I'm sorry you had to frog your sweater. But you did the right thing. I agree that you'll love it even that much more when it's done.

Sydney said...

I nearly cried over this post! And then I reminded myself why you people were all nuts and that I simply was not ready for such a challenge. (Baby bibs are good enough for now! :))


I Know how you feel, but hey you are going to love this baby when she is done!

Just enjoy the knitting