Monday, July 14, 2008

is it me???

or is it them?

lately it seems that i am becoming more and more bugged by my co-workers! i annoyed with so many of them right now that i am starting to wonder if maybe it's me. hmmm nahhh. let me tell you what REALLY drives me insane at work

• asking me dumb questions that you can get the answer yourself.
CW: “hey who’s our guy in Africa?”
Me: “i’m not sure… did you check our internal search engine for employees?”
CW: “no. i just thought you would know.. but could you check?”
Me: (heavy sigh) “ok here you go”

• asking me to do things you can do yourself
CW: “hey who’s ships our packages?”
Me: “we each do our own?”
CW: “yeah i know but this one is big”
Me: “same processes. do you want me to show you how?”
CW: “ummm no i’ll ask someone else”

• asking me things you shouldn’t ask anyone!
CW: “i need a box please get me one.”
Me: “a box? what kind of box”
CW: (gives me you’re stupid expression) “a box for paper”
Me: ”cardboard?”
CW: “yeah”
Me: “where would i get a box? i don’t have boxes” –note that i have a desk with some drawers and that’s, it no storage, no office, just a desk with some drawers
CW: “i don’t know i just figured…”
Me: (turns around and goes back to work)

• asking where people are!!!
CW: “where’s dave?” (dave isn’t on my team, doesn’t sit on my floor and i have only talked to him a handful of times)
Me: “He sits down stairs I think”
CW: (looks at me like I’m dumb) “i know. i checked. he isn’t there. ho you know where he went?”
Me: “nope he’s not on my team so i have no idea”
CW: “how would I find out where he is?”
Me: “did you try his assistant or someone who sits around him?”

• making me rush on something just so you can sit on it
CW: “i need you to get me some info ASAP”
Me: “when exactly do you need it by cause i have a few (a ton) other things i need to get done (for my boss!)
CW: “i would really appreciate it if you could get it to me by end of day”
Me: “ok i’ll try my best” (work my butt off and get them the information as requeted)
Me: (1 week later) “did that info come in handy as you had expected?”
CW: “not sure i haven’t used it yet”

now i must stress that my boss does NOT talk to me or treat me in such a way. in fact most of upper management doesn’t talk to me, or any other assistant, this way. No, it’s the people who sit among us. The ones, who like me and the other assistants, don’t have offices but feel they should. they are as important and hard to replace as the ceo (at least in their minds) and i should feel privileged to get them a phone number or a BOX (true story btw).

ugggh i just had to get that out cause i’m going crazy here! do you have any stories to add??

i’m going back to my knitting now

oh and yesterday i got the new skein of noro for my husband's scarf so i have put the scarf back on the needles and attached the new skein on! woot woot!

i finished the back of the baby cardigan (again) and i'm working on the two front pieces. i'm doing them at the same time on the same needles to make sure they come out the same size. this is either going to work out great or going to totally stress me out!

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