Tuesday, July 8, 2008

so sleepy

we had the most wonderful (but exhausting) weekend.... we went to oman for three days and it was so much fun! we got back sunday morning and i'm still super tired (uggh) but i have pictures and everything! so as soon as i sleep i will post some and give you details about our action packed weekend.

update on the baby cardigan is that i finished the back and then had to frog half of it because i realized that i had read the pattern wrong! when it said decrease by 1 at the end of the next 6 rows i read that to mean 3 for the front and 3 for the back! that's 6 rows.

but did i check the number of stitches i had before i went on for another 4 inches? NO! not until i was binding off at the end and was wondering why i still had so many stitches on my needles (sigh) did i check. after much confusion and counting and reading and sighing i FINALLY realized that they meant for me to decrease at the end of the next 6 rows for the front and 6 rows for the back! 12 rows all together. am i the only one who would jump to this wrong conclusion? can i not read knitting speak?

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Charmaine said...

Don't worry I do that all the time, get too excited and get ahead of myself only to realise that I've done it wrong! Just remember, you like knitting, so doing it twice really isn't a chore when you get the satisfaction of doing it properly. Yeah, I know, that really doesn't help does it!