Tuesday, July 22, 2008

it came! it came!

my stash came!!!

anybody see that little case towards the back? yup thats the Knit Picks Options set!!! I KNOW! i'm so excited that i have to stop my self casting on a new project right now

the Knit Picks Telemark in Colonial Blue was princess' very favorite of all

but smelling and exploring all the new yarn was exhausting

i think i'll use this Cascade Yarns Pima Tencil in Ice to make the Crisp Rectangle Tunic from Fitted Knits

and with this same yarn (Cascade Yarns Pima Tencil) only in Orchid i'm planning to make the Drop Stitch Lace Tank from Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel

finally i'm going to make this scarf with Rowan Tapestry in Lakeland for my friend who brought me all of this yarn back with her from the States!! isn't she just so sweet!!

the rest of the yarn is for when i'm inspired to knit something. i can be more spontaneous and cast on rather than ordering it ahead of time... but i'll keep you posted on all my new projects! as you can see i have my needles full for a while : )


Sydney said...

Hey Lindsay, thank you for the Mexican food tip! And I too thought I was pretty much the only blonde American woman in this country! Haha. I'm glad your stash arrived safe and sound. :)

Lulu said...

O-M-G I am sooo jealous of all that yarny goodness and the needles set ~faint~
Have fun using them!!!
lotsa love, lulu

Charmaine said...

I lurve my Knit Picks Options set. I hardly ever use anything else these days. Have fun with those. Looks like all that yarn will keep you busy for quite a while! I am looking forward to seeing the results.