Saturday, July 12, 2008

sorry for the delay

so as promised here are some pics from my trip to Oman last weekend. we had an absolute blast! it started at 5 am on thursday and ended at 2 am on sunday... hence the exhausted post last weekend! we went out to this little itty bitty town 3.5 hours out side of Muscat to watch a Red Bull kite surfing competition that was going on. it was a long drive (with questionable rest stops) but the town was great the hotel was clean and fairly new (way above what i was expecting) and the surf was up!

kite surfers competing in kite surfing stuff... i couldn't qute figure out what the aim of this competition was but made sure to say "looked great!" & "good job!" a lot when they got back to shore

that's me on a boat out watching (and perhaps chasing) the kite surfers...

but let me tell you a bit about the boats. they have flat tops and are pushed in to the surf by a jeep. this is when you run into the surf and jump on and hold on for dear life! the boats are manned by 2. one controls the engine/steering from the back and the other sits in the front pointing out the waves and in our case the kite surfers. getting back to the beach consisted of us heading for shore as fast as possible until right before we hit the sand! my heart was racing a bit on that one but i suppose they know what they are doing ; )

this is the little town we stayed at. the locals were so kind and friendly

it's kinda hard to tell in this pic but the mountains are purple! yeah purple! they are amazing and then set right next to all these rugged rocky mountains were perfectly clean and soft looking sand dunes! they looked way out of place but the effect was amazing

this is one of the MANY block factories we drove past. i just loved that the block factories consisted of an empty lot with a wall around it, a shed in the corner, a small cement mixer and of course blocks drying in the sun. i guess they don't really need anything else but when i read "factory" i expect a giant building with small windows and smoke coming out of the top

this is some old tower at the top of a hill/mountain that we saw as we were leaving the city. i noticed that oman has a lot of old buildings and a lot of history that is a nice contrast to the new/shiny/gigantic cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. overall definitely somewhere i would love to go back to again... perhaps september

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