Sunday, July 20, 2008

as promised

can you believe it?!?! i'm managing to get the photos of my husband's scarf up the very next day!!! i'm so proud of my self for not procrastinating another week. although had i not gotten off of work a few hours early the out come may have been completely different

anyhow here they are

i have included multiple pictures, well because i'm just so darn proud. not cause i did a garter stitch until my husband said "STOP!" but because a took the support of a team of people across multiple continents (read previous posts) in order for me to pull it off. in case you want to knit your own i'll provide you the pattern here


YARN: Noro Kochoran colorway 41
SUPPLIES: Needles size US 6

CO 22
R1 k
R2 k
repeat rows 1&2 until you have reach desired length then CO

i know it's a complicated one, what can i say (voice laced heavily with sarcasm) but that's what my husband wanted so i happily knit it for him and fortunately he loves it! too bad it's 100 degrees outside ; )

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Charmaine said...

The scarf is great, simple but practical. And your husband loves it! What more could you want! I love Noro Kochoran. It's one of their softer yarns and the colours are bit more muted than some of their other yarns, but then I pretty much just love Noro.