Saturday, July 19, 2008

princess is all grown up

this weekend, as i was puttering around the house, i realized just how big my princess has gotten since we got her at three weeks old in october... here's a reminder of what she looked like back in november.

now she looks like this

can you believe how big my little kitten has gotten?
the good part is that she's starting to calm down and not attach every piece of dust that moves around her. she's starting to cuddle more and want to spend time closer to us for more than three seconds at a time. i wish i had more pics of her but she kept trying to smell the camera and then she finally went under the bed and slept for a while.

on knitting new i have an amazing development! i have finished my husband's scarf! it is done and it is the length my husband wants... i'm so relieved to have it off my projects list! i have been trying to post pics for like a half an hour and the internet is just not working with me and i need to sleep. so you will have to wait a day or two until the internet is more cooperative. sorry!

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