Saturday, July 26, 2008

poor princess

this is my poor, sad, princess. but it had to be done we just aren't ready to raise kitty babies

we got her fixed last thursday and they are making her wear this cone. she so depressed over this cone and it's frustrating because i can't explain to her the purpose of the hated cone is so that she doesn't lick her stitches. i even took pitty on her this afternoon and took it off so that she could relax and 3 minutes later she was licking her stitches so the cone had to go right back on.

but i have to tell you, as sorry as i feel for my little princess for having to wear this evil (in her thoughts) cone, it sure is entertaining. she's running in to things and watching her try to figure out how to eat the first time was hilarious. i know i'm a horrible kitty mom but seriously it's just too much. but fortunately she only has two more days to go

on knitting side of things

i finally cast on my first project on my Knit Picks Options!! and oh how i love them... i started with the wavy scarf for my friend...

and i must say that i LOVE them. they make knitting even more fun! i like the sharp tips, the shinny needles and the purple (memory free) cables. they were totally worth the wait and i'm holding my self back from buying every other needle that Knit Picks offers! (hehehe)

this is where i'm at on the baby cardi.... it's coming out quite nicely but i'm trying to figure out how to incorporate some purple into it now that i know it's going to a baby girl

the pattern calls for extra longs sleeves so that they can be folded back to make cuffs. i'm thinking that i'll make the cuffs the shade of purple and then stitch on some matching flowers on to the front. but i'm open to suggestions if someone has a better idea....

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Charmaine said...

Aw! Poor Princess! Although I'm sure she would thank you if she understood. The wavy scarf is looking really pretty. I think purple cuffs sound good. Another idea is to add a crochet edging in purple. That way you could add some to the lower edge as well. Some embroidered purple flowers would be really pretty.