Tuesday, July 15, 2008

oh it's them

i have another one to add.... after that long post yesterday i was reminded not once but twice today of another one of the things people do that bug me!

not listening to me when i'm answering your questions!
episode number 1
CW: "is your boss in the office or on vacation?"
Me: "neither he's traveling for work"
CW: "so he's on vacation here in the country?"
Me: (bangs head against desk hoping to soften the frustration)

episode number 2
(mr joe's assistant calls me)
CW: "is your boss in? mr jo really needs to talk to him"
Me: "nope he's out of the country"
CW: "when will he be back?"
Me: "sunday"
CW: "oh... mr jo needs to talk to you" (hands phone to mr. jo)
mr jo: "hi i really need to speak to your boss"
Me: "yes i understand but he is out of the country"
mr jo: "where"
Me: "africa" (ok i was more specific for mr jo)
mr jo: "when is he getting back this is very important"
Me: "sunday"
mr jo explains what he needs from my boss
Me: "ok i'll email him for you and see if i can give you an answer"
mr jo: "when will he be back?"
now this is the THIRD time i'm answering
Me: "sunday"
mr jo: "this is very important i need you to email him or call him"
for reference my boss is quite senior in the company... mr jo on the other hand, no so much
Me: "ok no problem i'll let you know as soon as i hear from him"
mr jo: "ok please just email him cause it's important"
Me: (really loosing patients) "i said i would and i will"
we hang up the phone --- finally but 3 minutes later phone rings again it's mr jo's assistant
CW: "what day is your boss back?"
Me: (face turning read but trying to remain calm) "like i told you and mr jo before, he will be back on SUNDAY"

people NOT listening actually bugs me more than people not reading my emails. you go through the trouble of detailing all the necessary information that people need in an email and what do they do? reply asking the exact things you explained in the email!!! oh well let's not get in to that one now


Charmaine said...

The one that really bugs me is people not replying to your email at all. You ask a fairly simple question in the email because you want it in writing and they ignore it. Grrrrr!

Charmaine said...

By the way, it's totally them!