Sunday, November 30, 2008

and the Ducks win!!

yesterday was the Civil War. not one fought on a battle field but rather one fought on a football (we're talking american football here) field. the civil war is THE football game to watch every year in Oregon. both the states schools are in Oregon and are close to each other but about and hour and half from the city of Portland so whether they are playing at Autzen Stadium (home of the Ducks) or playing at Reser Stadium (home of the Beavers) you still get the same parade of cars heading south with all their banners, pom poms and streamers in the school colors

pic from KGW

well this year we won. we won 65-38. we won on the Beaver's home turf. we won and the Beavers can't go to Rose Bowl, which is a bummer for them really but now we can go to another bowl.

so in case you don't follow my blog and you always wondered where the "duck" in duck abroad came from well now you know. i'm an oregon duck, home of Nike (in case you are interested) and home of the winners of the Civil War 2008. i wish i had been there to tailgate with my friends

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Sydney said...

Congrats on your Ducks Lindsay! I know how good it feels! :)