Saturday, November 22, 2008

bling bling refrigerator?

seriously? are we as a society so obsessed with bling that we need to bling out our refrigerators?

my husband and i went oven shopping (woot woot!) and while we were wandering around the 800 selections of ovens they had available (that for some unknown reason couldn't be placed together forcing you to wander all around the shop) i found this:

now anyone who knows me knows that i enjoy sparkles, diamonds and Swarovski but this is taking it a bit far, even for me! i mean it's a refrigerator! it has food in it and sits in your kitchen with sticky fingers trying to pry open the doors and steal the chocolate milk. but you know as well as i do that they (refrigerator sellers) probably have a hard time keeping these fridges stocked in their warehouse due to all the blinged out families looking to further bling out their lives... it's a wonder grills haven't caught on here!


Jocelyn said...

That's just a bit OTT. Why would anyone want bling on their fridge?

Sydney said...

Stu and I were talking about the lack of grills here recently too. How weird, but I am sure they are on their way! haha