Saturday, November 15, 2008

weekend... Part 2

part 2 of this weekend's post will cover today! Saturday!

today my husband took me to the Turbo Festival at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC). you may not all know this, but i love cars, especially customized cars... back in the day i have been known to have a few customized cars (but that's for another post) and my husband knew that the only thing i would want to get out of bed for more than a car show is a knitting show (i know i know knitting and cars... random. but it makes me happy so just go with it) but since it doesn't look like we'll get a knitting show soon we went for number two and here is a little of what i enjoyed today

first i ran into Sydney and family today at the Turbo Festival, which was great because she wasn't able to make it yesterday to the SnB at Marina Mall. so we were able to catch up and check out Team Orange together (read to the end)

as for the cars:

this was one of my favorites. the Honda Type R. i just love the versatility of the hondas. and they have a lot of room for increasing the performance with out having to re-haul the engine

this Infinity had an amazing paint job

that my friends is a Ford Mustang Saleen... that is one muscle car

the show even had a skate board park set up inside with competitions going every day. it was great to watch the kids compete and i was impressed with their pain thresholds.

but the stars of the Turbo Festival were Team Orange
they are drifters who are AMAZING behind the wheel... you may have even seen them in a little film called Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

here's a few pics from their show

but i really reccomend that you youtube them because no picture (especially mine) can do their skills any justice.

oh and now i want to get a Subaru WRX STI. just so you know

so now you know all about my fantabulous weekend that was full of excitement!!! now i need to sleep.. way too much excitement for me

and PS: happy birthday sis!


Sydney said...

I'm stealing your Team Orange pictures! That was so cool!

Adrianna said...

Thanks, Sis!