Saturday, November 15, 2008

weekend... Part 1

ok this weekend is a two part series blog post because... well... there were too many great things that happened this weekend that i want to tell you about but i don't want one eternally long post. so the solution is two posts!

part 1 (thursday and friday)

the weekend started off to a great start with my husband taking me out for steak! i know! yuuummmy! i met him and one of his friends at The Meat Co. which JUST opened up at the Souk in Shangri La, Abu Dhabi. The Shangri La has done something to the Madinat Jumierah in Dubai in that they have an old looking (but very new) souk that you can walk around and go shopping and it offers a few restaurant selections and I must say the Souk at Shangri La is offering some fabulous restaurants and clubs.... including Noodle House. Left Bank. Sho Chos, and Eight restaurant and bar (same as the one in Beirut, Lebanon). After our fantastic steak at the Meat Co. we wandered upstairs to get a sneak peak at Eight and i must say that that is definitely a place to check out.

as we wondered outside i found these

Dragon Boats!!!!

i thought i was having flash backs to Portland Oregon!!

photo courtesy of city data

i had heard that Abu Dhabi was going to start a Dragon Boat race every year and it was great to be able to check out the boats! i knot that the tradition is a lot of fun back in Portland with a lot of businesses competing in the friendly competition. it would be great if the same happens out here

on Friday we had our SnB!!!! it was in the usual place: Caribou Coffee at Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi

it was so much fun!! we were there for hours talking and knitting, knitting and talking. it was fantastic. we had 2 new joiners who were curious to learn how to knit... fortunately (or unfortunately) for them we were all willing to put our two cents in and probably completely overwhelmed them with information and fiber obsession... but hope to see you both on ravelry soon!!! hehehe

Lulu taught me the trick to cables (woot woot!) and another important lessing: READ THE ENTIRE PATTERN BEFORE YOU START!! i had gotten a little ahead of my self on the cable thing and decided i didn't need to read the whole pattern.... my cables looked wrong. ALL WRONG. but i ripped it and got back to work and now my cables look beautiful! i'm so surprised with my self when i'm able to pull such complicated things off... (the trick is they look harder than they are but ssshhhh. don't tell)

we also had to compete with a band while we were there! but i'll let Charmaine tell you all about that... and don't worry even a navy couldn't get between us and our knitting and gabbing!

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Sydney said...

I'm so bummed I missed this meeting! I will definitely be there next time!