Saturday, November 8, 2008

project bag

i have been searching high and low looking for a project bag... i have looked at endless sites, blogs, and google pages for months looking for a bag that had a few specific qualities that i need in order to carry and bag around and to, perhaps but probably not, consider putting my much loved Coach bag away.

my what-a-projects-bag-has-to-have list is:
1. functional - i need it to carry things and organize things in a functional way
2. stylish - it needs to look good and trendy. not like it's from 1997 or like it's ready to go hiking with (you know that look!)
3. quality - it can't look cheap. it needs to look like i wont want to replace it in 2 months cause it's falling apaprt
4. size - not too small but rather big. but not SO big that you could carry your entire stash in it

today i think i found it.

(photo from

it goes back to having lunch today with Charmaine. i had some yarn for her and she had a magazine with some techniques in it that i have been itching to work out. so we met up, had lunch, and swapped goods. i got home and opened the magazine and there it was! the Zhivago bag from Offhand Designs. i quickly went to their website to see what they had to offer and it's WONDERFUL!!! out of all the bags they have the Zhivago is definitely my favorite. it meets all my requirements! it's gorgeous, it has tons of pockets inside, the quality looks great and the size is huge (but not too big). the bonus is it will stay open like a basket when you want it to! so you can work right out of it!!!

but you should know they also have bags for needles! they have the most stylish yet functional clutch for circular needles that i have ever seen! not to mention they have some other really cute clutches as well.

now the real dilemma - how to get the bags!


Sydney said...

I hope you find a way to get your perfect bag! :)

Charmaine said...