Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

it's election day in the sates today. people are out and voting in force! the turnout this year is beyond what my country has ever seen and i have to say it makes me proud.

i am of the strong belief that you can't complain about the US government if you don't vote (obviously non americans are not held to this standard. they are free to complain with out voting ; )) and too many people do just that. they complain year after year but never step up to the booth and put their voice where it counts, on a ballot. in my book once you have voted you have all the rights in the world to express your opinions whether they be negative or positive, whether they be in alignment with what you voted for at the last election or if you changed your mind (that's definitely allowed). for a majority of americans the only voice they are given is on election day and i say scream it out by filling in the bubble next to the name you think should be the next president/senator/governor or fill it in next to the "yes" or "no" in each of the measures that have been submitted to the people. that's how you count. that's how you are heard.

i'm really looking forward to the next 4 years because no matter who wins it will mean change, and america is ready for change. we are in unchartered territory right now and the economy runs on perception. changing the perception of the country will help change the economy. now i'm not saying the economy will be all better the day after the Presidential Inauguration in January but i am hoping that that is when we start to see the turn around (fingers crossed) the country desperately needs.

on the flip side i am SO SO happy not to be in the states right now.... i know it's crazy over there with campaign commercials every 5 seconds and boy do i get tired of that and those little signs everyone puts in their front yard. i always mail my ballot in the day after i receive it because i figure once i have voted i no longer have to pay attention because i can't change my vote! hehehe. but try explaining that to the students at my extremely liberal college : D i use to tell them i voted against what ever cause they were fighting for just to make them go away and let me walk to class in peace.

over here the propaganda comes in controlled doses. people ask me if i know what the latest update is or if i had heard what so-and-so said on david letterman last night but then it kinda goes away again for a few days. the only thing that bugs me is that people ask me which way i voted ALL THE TIME! it really doesn't bug me for the most part, especially if it's friends cause i don't mind sharing my views with them. but when it's at the office and it's the guy from downstairs whose name i can hardly remember then i get a little perturbed. it's none of their business who i voted for! especially when they make a comment after i do tell them like "oh good cause that's what america needs" or "why would you do that? does that mean you think this way about such-and-such view?" :::eye roll::: or i find my self giving a lot of lessons on our voting process (primary elections, elections, Electoral votes) over and over. if i'm still in Dubai for the next presidential elections then i'm going to make a PowerPoint that i can send to people explaining all this stuff. hehehe. oh well, one more day. i think i can handle it! honestly i'm glad that people show an interest in how america does things.

so now it's the waiting game to see who is elected.... but don't worry everyone!!! i'll update you as soon as i know who the next President will be! just in case you have decided my blog will be the "go to" place for your election updates hahahaha ok i'm going to bed now if i can ever stop laughing!!!

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Charmaine said...

I completely agree with you on the "if you don't vote, don't complain" view. You tell 'em girl!