Saturday, November 8, 2008


i want to start off by letting you know that you are in for a special treat because Princess is helping me out with this post today...

cat's have a special way of finding the most convenient place to sleep (note voice laced with heavy sarcasm). but when she's purring and sleeping i just find it too mean to push her off of me. usually ; )

so today i was driving through my new neighborhood on my way home, and i saw two young, local boys (like 10) in their sandy front yard playing catch. what made this especially cute was that instead of catcher's mitts the each had a gardening glove on one hand and instead of a baseball they had a tennis ball. it was so great! i so so badly wanted to take a picture of them but they were already looking at me probably wondering why that crazy blond girl was staring at them with a big goofy grin! this is the first time is had seen kids playing catch out here in the UAE. usually you see the kids playing either soccer late at night in the middle of the road (definitely drive slow at night in the neighborhoods) or on their ATV's driving back and forth up and down the streets. it was really nice to see them improvising and playing their very own game of what i think of as a very american sport.

also on my way home i saw this tree in my neighbor's yard. it had these beautiful white flowers that i could smell from the car (they smelled very similar to gardenias)! I really enjoyed the moment and even had to take a picture because as you will remember from my Beirut post this isn't something we, in Abu Dhabi, get to enjoy often.

i hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed watching the coverage of Obama on, well, every channel and website ever!

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Charmaine said...

It's a frangipani! I love them too. I have one at my front door! They grow in pots too!