Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the BURJ Al Arab baby!

last saturday my friends and i went to the Burj Al Arab for tea. (pinky finger up!)

oh yeah, that Burj Al Arab!

we went to enjoy my friend meredith's last weekend in Dubai because on Friday morning she will be flying back to the States (just as our future president is announced but that's for the next post) and continuing her work from New York. so it was a bitter sweet afternoon. the sweet part was being in fantastic company, having an incredible view, drinking all you can drink coffee/lattes/juice/tea and eating as many mini sandwiches as one can fit in their mouth. but the bitter side was knowing that soon my friend will be so dang far apart from the rest of us from now on. yeah yeah yeah i know a phone call or email away but still you get use to having your coffee every morning at work with the same people. :::sigh:::

so this is a pic of all of us enjoying our brunch

from left to right we have melissa, ashley, ME!, & meredith. we all work together and actually like each other too! isn't that great!

here's the finger foods we got to enjoy

notice the tray looks like the Burj Al Arab (hehehe) i was trying to figure out a way to sneak it in my purse but it just wouldn't fit... but with my luck they would have noticed it was missing anyways ; )

here are some of the views we got to enjoy from the Skyview Bar at the top where we had our tea!

you can see the Burj Dubai and Sheikh Zayed Road from the Burj Al Arab

here's a view of the new Atlantis Hotel & Resort

and here is one of my favorite hang outs (at the very tip of the pier) called 360 at Jumeirah Beach Hotel. i recommend this place to anyone passing through Dubai. it offers a great view of Jumeirah Beach hotel, the Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah and it has a fabulous laid back atmosphere.

this is the fantastic view of the Palm Jumeirah we were privy to as we were driving off of the Burj Al Arab property. and yes our brunch/tea lasted a long time. we were there to enjoy every minute!!

it's days like saturday that remind me just how beautiful Dubai is and just how lucky i am to live here. but i sure am going to miss my friend


Hala said...

I know how you felt that afternoon , cause during my years here in UAE I had too many farwells ....
but at least we got the nice memories to carry with us through our lives..
you haven't convert then to knitting?

Jocelyn said...

Ahh the Burj. Nice memories. Glad you made some of your own with your friends.

If you knew where our office was you could actually see it from the 360-end of the Skyview Bar.

Sydney said...

Jealous! I'm glad you had a good time! What a memory to take home with you eventually.