Friday, November 21, 2008

Eight Restaurant & Lounge

i had never really considered doing a restaurant review before until i realized that people started coming to me to ask which restaurants to go to or find out which ones are good.

SO i will start (sporadically) doing restaurant reviews. when i try something new or if i have an exceptionally good (or bad) experience i will share it with you.

the first place i will mention is Eight Restaurant & Lounge located at Shangri La Souk. you may remember that i visited this lounge last weekend but it was more just to check out the venu.

A few days ago we got to go back for dinner.

we arrived at 8:30 and were asked if we wanted to sit inside where the atmosphere was dark with the colors of black, white and silver running though out and the bar with a back wall of lit up bottles in blues and red. or we could sit outside in a more relaxed atmosphere with couches and low tables over looking the water and the Zayed Mosqe. we hesitated a minute as both options were equally appealing but finally decided to sit outside remembering that it isn't often we have such lovely weather out here.

we sat down and were immediately served drinks and handed menus. i ordered the chicken salad to start and the barbecue beef skewers for the main. OMGsh it was AMAZING

the chicken salad had a warm chicken breast cut up and mixed in a bed of cabbage, bell peppers, cucumber and carrot with a ginger soy sauce dressing that added the perfect amount of tang. it tasted sensational.

the beef came in little bite size pieces along 4 or 5 skewers with barbecue sauce covering them. the beef you could tell was high quality and not over cooked as it seemed to melt in your mouth. the sauce wasn't too sweet and it wasn't too spicy, nor did it cover up the flavor of the beef.

i received similar praise on the roasted salmon and avocado salsa my husband had. he's not even a big fan of salmon but couldn't stop talking about his dinner the rest of the way home.

after dinner you can walk around outside and through the the Souk where there are conveniently placed Baskin Robbins and Starbucks for your after dinner enjoyment.

I definitely will be heading back to Eight again and again and it would be a great place to take visitors whether they are visiting from out side the country or even from dubai.

Enjoy! and if you visit Eight please let me know what you think!

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truffs1010 said...

Lindsay, lucky you, I have never had anything but shoddy service and poor food. Three visits and only one good memory!