Tuesday, January 27, 2009

bloggers block

man i was on such a role there for a while. i had something new to share with you nearly every day! and now i just stare at the blank page and think.... hmmm.... what to write, what to write?

i don't really want to tell you about work cause that's just super stressful and frustrating right now and i don't want to bring you down.

I can't really tell you about my knitting because well NO progress has been made because work is sucking up all my awake time.

I have been reading a little but really, i'll spare you the chapter by chapter recap of New Moon even though so far it's FANTASTIC


oh i know i can tell you about the pretty pretty sunset i saw today in Dubai!

wait. i already talked about that on the u-knitted amiras blog...

see? told you i had nothing new to tell you


Adrianna said...

Um, did it snow in Dubai? Because I saw snow on a news story out here in NY. What the??

Hala said...

not easy to find daily a subject to write about...
how about your phiaro?

Sydney said...

I feel ya. I'm lucky I have a cute kid I can post pictures of, or I would never have anything new to say. It's just been a blogger's block couple of weeks for everyone!