Saturday, January 17, 2009

What? Here?

So I was flipping through the channels tonight looking for something good to watch (of which there's nothing!) and look what I stumbled upon...

Yup. That's the Pasadena Rose Parade! Here in UAE!

For those of you who are not familiar, the Pasadena Rose Parade takes place during the Pasadena Rose Festival in Pasadena California. They also, during this festival, host the Rose Bowl which is like the Super Bowl for college football. It's very exciting if your college team makes it to the Rose Bowl!!!

Anyhow I have been trying to figure out who would want to see this parade out in the Middle East except for maybe the 100 or so of us that are from the West Coast of the states but apparently there's a demand for it. Or they're just running out of things to put on tv.

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Sydney said...

Cool! That is so neat when you find odd things like that on here where you'd never expect it. (And... they're surely just running out of things to put on TV...)