Sunday, January 4, 2009

High Hopes

After talking to friends and family throughout the past few weeks I have realized that there is a general consensus. People have high hopes.

High hopes for the Obama Administration

High hopes for the economy

High hopes for our selves

So far 2009 is shaping up to be a pivotal year in the world's history. There are so many things and people that the world is focused on at this precise moment. When I reflect on the last eight years I remember just how much we have gone through; so many historical moments. It makes me wonder what we have ahead of us. What is waiting just around the corner to change our theories, to change our perspectives and to change our world?

I think both people who are critical and those that supportive of the events of the last few years are looking forward to this New Year like a breath of fresh air. We are tired of the same complaints and the same topics and we are waiting for change. We are optimistic that there is a light at the end of our tunnel

What I hope for is that we are not let down. I hope some of us change the way we live and that we do not forget what this world has been through in the last decade. We should take our experiences and learn from them. Perhaps if companies and financial institutions thought more about the goodness of the over all people rather than the deepness of their pockets or perhaps if the US remembers just how influential they are to the world both politically and socially then the economy and world perspective would recover quicker and stronger then ever. Perhaps if we remember that we are all human, with families, with people who love us we will be a little bit more considerate to those around us.

I have no doubt that we are going to experience some bumps in the road but lets have high hopes that it will be a smoother year for us all.

Ok ok, enough of the heavy stuff. I'm going to go shop for yarn online now

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