Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Knit Two

Now i'm a big believer in waiting for books to come out in paperback (preferably even used) because why pay more for a hard bound book when the words inside are the same. However, for this I made an exception....

I'm so excited that I got Knit Two by Kate Jacobs because I just could NOT wait for it to come out in paper back.

Friday Night Knitting Club was fantastic and really shows just how close knitting groups can become and that knitting is about so much more than just knitting. What I love is that MY knitting group is becoming more than a knitting group and a group of fantastic friends who all happen to knit.

Fingers crossed that this second book (of hopefully a very long series) is as good as the first


Jocelyn said...

Oh man, there's a sequel already? I was fortunate enough to have been gifted the first book, handbound too, by someone from a Ravery swap but have not even finished reading Chapter 1.

Didn;t they turn this into a movie with Julia Robert in it?

Sydney said...

So excited! No spoiling it! Haha. I love our knitting group too. Who knew, right?

Adrianna said...

What?? Oh, what I bummer; I thought I was so clever that I found this series for you and you already totally know about it! Rats, rats, rats.