Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 FO Recap

I saw on some other blogs that people were recapping all their FO's for the year 2008. I thought I would give it shot thinking I would have some dismal list of perhaps 4 things I had managed to complete in the last year. But to my surprise I had way more! So here you go!

1. Yellow baby booties - first shaping

2. Husband's scarf - very simple garter stitch scarf out of the yarn of his choice. there was a little drama when I ran out of yarn though

3. Vintage Baby Cardi - My first attempt at a sweater

4. Matching pair of baby booties - the second pair of baby booties on my list but they look great with the cardigan.

5. Wavy Scarf - I loved making this scarf and I'm so tempted to make another one... or two

6. Pinwheel Sweater - This was for my niece and I loved making this as well. It knit up so fast and looks so unique as well. Definitely a project I would be willing to knit again.

7. Baby Hooded Cardi - The baby who this was knit for was born the day after christmas and is a little girl, Mia.

8. Lacy Leaf Purse - My first lace project. woot woot!

9. Fetching - My very first cables : )

10. Back to School U-neck Vest - this was a challenge but worth it. It's my first grown up sized FO

11. My wedding! I know it's not knitting related but it's still my proudest FO of all.

Not bad, right? 10 (knitted) FO's for the year 2008. I'm really surprised that I was able to complete so much in one year. So my new years resolution is to complete more than 10 FO's and I have to say my first one is done all ready! I'm off to a great start.

After looking over the list I have come up with a second new years resolution: Make something for me! I did not keep one of those 10 things. But I'll sure hold on tight to number 11 ; ) Although I must say that I really enjoy knitting for other people. Especially babies. Little red headed babies.

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Charmaine said...

What an amazing knitting year for you! So many firsts. That is really something to be proud of. I really want to see you make something for yourself this year though.